Development of engaging compliance training

Delivered for TESCO


Tesco is one of the world’s largest retailers. It was founded in East London in 1919 and has grown to become a diverse, international brand. It employs over 470,000 staff and operates almost 5,000 stores in 14 countries across Europe, Asia and the US. Through its multiple brands – including Tesco Superstore, Tesco Express, Tesco Finance, One Stop, Fresh and Easy, and Dobbies – Tesco generated sales revenues in excess of £62 billion in 2010.


The UK retail market is subject to a broad range of industry regulations. These govern how UK retailers conduct their business operations and how they interact with suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders.

As a UK PLC, Tesco must demonstrate compliance with these regulations both in the UK and abroad. It must be able to prove that regular training has been delivered to relevant staff and minimum standards are met.

As well as complying with industry regulations, Tesco is keen to ensure that its own corporate values are reflected in its day-to-day activities.

It is important that all staff understand the laws, regulations and guidelines that apply to their roles. These can be challenging to maintain as they are updated regularly. It is important that this information is presented in such a way that Tesco can demonstrate it has provided adequate training that has been fully understood and applied by staff across the business.

Tesco’s legal team had already provided face-to-face training to staff across the UK. SkillSet worked closely with the retailer to develop eLearning materials to train new staff, staff outside the UK and to deliver on-going refresher training to staff.


SkillSet worked with Tesco’s legal team to deliver eLearning materials to educate staff across the globe. We assisted Tesco to structure the legal content in a way that was fun, interactive and easy to use and understand. The materials were also specifically designed so that they could be updated and maintained by Tesco to reflect changes in the regulatory guidelines.

We began by understanding the messages that needed to be communicated across Tesco. We worked with key members of staff to ensure that all the relevant details were captured and presented in the most effective way.

Using instructional design principles, our eLearning consultants produced storyboards to define how the materials would be presented. We developed six eLearning modules that included an introduction to the regulatory guidelines, interactive animations, concept slides and quizzes. We ensured that staff understood why they had to complete the training, how the regulations affected them and when they must be applied.

The messages were presented to learners using a range of different approaches. As well as using text-based slides, we included scenario-based animations, voiceovers and video presentations from key members of Tesco’s legal team. By using a blend of learning methods, we ensured that the key messages would be understood and retained by staff across Tesco.

We used our experience of delivering training programmes to design and develop eLearning materials that were  engaging. We ensured that we presented all of the necessary facts and information in a way that was fun for learners. This approach improves knowledge retention amongst users and ensures that they are confident in applying the knowledge learned to their roles.

The eLearning materials are hosted on Tesco’s Learning Management System (LMS). This means that they can be accessed by staff at any time and from anywhere in the world. It also means that Tesco can track who has completed the training and when, as well as the test scores achieved. The LMS sends out notifications to staff on an annual basis, reminding them to complete the training. It is also used to demonstrate on-going compliance with the industry regulations.


The eLearning materials produced by SkillSet are helping Tesco to train staff across the globe quickly, consistently and cost-effectively. Given the nature of the training, it is important that all staff understand the regulations and are able to apply them effectively in their roles.

We used innovative techniques to ensure that the learning was fun and interactive. This will help to improve knowledge retention and reduce the costly risk of non-compliance.


As well as complying with the legal requirements, we want to ensure that we deliver the best value to our customers. To do this, our staff need to understand what the regulations mean to them. The SkillSet team produced eLearning materials that presented the legal code in a fun and interactive way. This will help our staff to truly understand the  implications of the regulations and how we, as an organisation, must demonstrate compliance and best practice.”

Emer Kelly, Senior Counsel, UK Code Compliance, Tesco