Case Study eLearning Learning Management System



Development of Product eLearning and Moodle Learning Management System



  • Training needs analysis.
  • Role-based online training solution.
  • Working with subject matter experts to create learning content.


Peppermint Technology is a software company supplying cloud-based, award-winning software to legal organisations. They provide law firms with a modular choice of easy-to-use, innovative, and modern legal applications – including client engagement (CRM), matter management, case management, and work management.

Peppermint’s CX365 software brings together all the applications, transactions, collaboration, and content tools required to operate a high-performing legal business.


Peppermint issued an RFI, looking for an accomplished eLearning vendor to assist them in the provision of a new training platform – Minerva. The aim of the Minerva platform is to provide training on Peppermint’s CX365 software to clients, colleagues and third-party partners.

Sarah Kemp, Head of Product Enablement at Peppermint Technology, states:

“Learning more about Peppermint products, particularly best practice use (using the features and functionality in the way in which they were designed to be used), can maximise adoption, supporting the delivery of higher quality business and client outcomes, at the same time providing users with the best user experience and maximising the value returned by investments made in Peppermint products and users’ valuable time using them.”

You can read the full press release in which Sarah announces the launch of the Minerva platform on the Peppermint website.


SkillSet provided Peppermint with a lead training consultant. They immersed themselves in the culture, strategy, and mindset of Peppermint for the life cycle of the project. The first step our consultant took was to perform a training needs analysis (TNA) on behalf of Peppermint. The TNA was then used to structure seven modules, covering 208 learning objectives.

We recommended a role-based, online training solution, where learning resources could be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. This enables training to be self-directed, allowing different users to access their individual learning paths.

SkillSet developed the Minerva solution using Moodle. This allows content to be provided in multiple languages, according to user preferences. Each module contains learning objects (such as simulations, videos, PDF guides, and content overviews) and resources such as links and assessments.

Our consultant worked with subject matter experts to scope learning materials and procure the necessary information to create the content for the training platform. Content was developed as a series of modules, with each progressing individually through the stages of the ADDIE methodology (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation).

In the analysis stage, the existing material was reviewed to assess whether each learning module should follow the same path or whether a different structure was required. We determined key learning points, checked if all of the material was still current, and all of the information was appropriate.

In the design phase, we ensured the visual design of Peppermint’s content matched their existing branding. This provided consistency across the eLearning, with a recognisable and engaging interface, which was easy to use. SkillSet worked with the subject matter experts to create storyboards for the learning content.

The development stage required SkillSet’s developers to take each storyboard and turn it into an eLearning module. We added animation, graphics, interactions, and questions, all appropriate to the audience. These visual enhancements give each learner an engaging experience throughout the module they are working on.

During the implementation stage SkillSet worked with Peppermint to pilot the training with a small group of test users in a soft launch before making the material generally available.

In the final phase, we checked that objectives were met, discussed how well the project was executed, and agreed what lessons could be learnt.



The Minerva training platform launched to external users in November 2022. SkillSet continues to provide hosting and support to Peppermint. In SkillSet’s 2022 customer satisfaction survey, Peppermint noted that we fulfilled all of their requirements and provided expert advice, helping the company to make better decisions regarding this project.


The commitment shown by SkillSet to getting the project over the line, even when it turned out to be more complex than anticipated, was really appreciated and reinforced the reasons why we chose SkillSet as a long -term partner for this work. I really felt like there was a commitment that went beyond customer/supplier.