Health and Safety eLearning

engaging, customisable content for a safer work environment

SkillSet's health and safety eLearning courses, are designed to empower your staff with the knowledge to understand and apply workplace safety.

Health and safety eLearning course highlights:

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  • Interactive Modules: dynamic content that makes learning both informative and enjoyable for your learners.

  • Highly Customisable: customise the courses as much, or as little, as needed to meet your team’s learning objectives.

  • Assessments: our courses have reflection exercises throughout and finish with a formative assessment.

  • Translations: our courses are available in multiple languages to support global teams.

Why choose SkillSet for your health and safety eLearning?

1 Organisational Branding

Include your logo, colour scheme, font, and grammar rules. This ensures each health and safety eLearning course reflects your organisation’s unique look and feel.

2 Real-World Relevance

Include specific scenarios within the health and safety eLearning courses to put the learning into a context that the user will understand and can apply to their role.

3 Enhanced Content

Integrate your existing materials and links directly into the health and safety eLearning courses for a personalised touch. 

4 Rapid Deployment

As the content is pre-written, it can be customised and ready to roll out within hours, saving you time and resources.

5 Hosting Flexibility

Choose to let SkillSet host the health and safety eLearning courses for you, or host them on your existing learning management system.

6 Accessibility

Compliant to WCAG 2.1 AA standards, our health and safety eLearning courses are enjoyable for everyone, irrespective of whether or not they have a disability.

Browse our portfolio of health and safety eLearning courses:

Tailored off-the-shelf eLearning

Accident Reporting and Investigation

This 20-minute course is designed to equip learners with effective incident management skills. Participants will learn about reporting protocols, conducting investigations, and prevention strategies.

Health and safety eLearning

Control of Hazardous Substances

This 15-minute course helps learners to manage risks associated with hazardous substances. Participants will learn about regulatory frameworks, risk assessment, and control measures, ensuring a safer working environment.

Tailored off-the-shelf eLearning

Display Screen Equipment

This 25-minute course will provide learners with the knowledge to assess and manage risks when working with display screens. It includes identifying potential health hazards, optimising your workspace, and the importance of taking breaks. This course includes a DSE self-assessment.

Health and safety eLearning

Driver Safety Awareness

This 20-minute course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to improve the safety of their driving. Learners will explore the importance of planning, UK road safety regulations, and recognise potential driving hazards.

Health and safety eLearning

The Role of a Fire Marshal

This 30-minute course will help enable learners to understand their duties as a fire marshal. Participants will explore fire marshal responsibilites, evacuation procedures, and fire prevention strategies.

Tailored off-the-shelf eLearning

Fire Safety

This 30-minute course will provide learners with the knowledge to prevent, contain, and respond to fire emergencies in the workplace. This includes identifying potential hazards, assessing risks, and emergency procedures.

Health and safety eLearning

First Aid

This 30-minute course explores the fundamental lifesaving skills and knowledge learners need when responding to common emergencies. This includes CPR, wound care, and choking incidents.

Health and safety eLearning

Food Safety

This 25-minute food safety course has been designed to educate learners with essential knowledge and skills to ensure the safety and quality of food throughout its journey from handling to consumption.

Tailored off-the-shelf eLearning

Health and Safety

This 30-minute course is designed to support your team's understanding of health and safety in the workplace. This includes identifying potential hazards, assessing risks, and the practice of reporting accidents and near misses.

Health and safety eLearning

Health and Safety for Managers

This 30-minute course is designed to arm managers with essential knowledge for ensuring workplace safety. Participants will explore risk assessment, hazard identification, and how to promote an open safety culture.

Health and safety eLearning


This 15-minute course explores legionella risk assessments, water management, and regulatory compliance. Participants will learn protocols for preventing and managing legionella bacteria risks.

Health and safety eLearning

Manual Handling

This 15-minute course explores the necessary techniques to safely move and manage items safely and preventing injuries in the workplace. Learners will explore proper lifting techniques, risk assessment methods, and ergonomic principles, minimising the risk of injuries.

Health and safety eLearning

Health and Safety for New and Expectant Mothers

This 30-minute course provides guidance and support for pregnant employees and new mothers in the workplace. Participants will explore their rights, health considerations, and workplace accommodations.

Health and safety eLearning

Personal Travel Safety

This 20-minute course explores travel safety awareness, providing learners with the skills to prepare for trips and travel safety.

Health and safety eLearning

Slips, Trips, and Falls

This 10-minute course equips participants with essential knowledge and safe practices to reduce the incidence of slips, trips, and falls.

Health and safety eLearning

Working at Height

This 15-minute course equips participants with the safety protocols necessary for tasks involving elevated positions. Risk assessments, fall protection measures, and best practices, will enable your staff to work safely and confidently at heights.

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health and safety eLearning

Tailored off-the-shelf health and safety eLearning courses.

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