SkillSet provides compliant, low-cost, scalable, reliable and secure hosting solutions.

Externally hosting your content provides an effective way to make your learning available to all your users, ensuring everything is accessible and measureable in one place.

SkillSet can deliver your content on a user-friendly system, which is consistent with your organisation’s branding and values.

Hosting your learning content allows you to follow your learners’ progress. You can easily see who has passed or failed an assessment. This is essential for many organisations, particularly where you need to demonstrate compliance e.g. with health and safety training.

By tracking completed training and assessments, you can be sure that the learning objectives have been met.

SkillSet have got it all covered

A AWS Partnership

SkillSet are proud to be Consulting Partners with AWS. We help customers set up cloud hosting, and provide guidance on security and service management.

M Moodle

Moodle is the world’s most popular learning management system. It is an open-source system, and SkillSet currently hosts and supports Moodle for many clients.

e elasticLearning

elasticLearning is perfect if you don’t want complexity. It allows you to rapidly deploy and track your users’ learning journey. You can do all this without having to compromise on your branding or user experience.

Why use SkillSet to host your learning content?

1 Secure UK-based servers

2 Servers configured to meet your needs

3 Scalable solutions that grow with you

4 Daily, automated, off-site back-ups

5 Availability of 24/7 support

6 No unscheduled server downtime