Design and delivery of a cyber hygiene training package

Delivered for CYBER4DEV


  • Tailored cyber security eLearning course
  • Customer-specific scenarios and branding
  • Hosted on a Moodle LMS


Cyber Resilience for Development (Cyber4Dev) is a European Union project to promote cyber-resilience and cybersecurity to protect public and private enterprises across the globe.

The main objective of the project is to increase the cyber resilience of countries outside of the EU while promoting an inclusive multi-stakeholder and rights-based approach and ensuring compliance with the rule of law and good governance.

The project works across the globe with particular focus in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and South East Asia.


One of the partners delivering the Cyber4Dev project is NI-CO (Northern Ireland Cooperation Overseas). NI-CO selected SkillSet to develop a cyber hygiene training package.

The training was intended to help organisations across Latin America understand what good cyber hygiene is and how best to build their cyber-resilience.

The course had to be delivered in both English and Spanish.


SkillSet’s library of off-the-shelf (OTS) courses includes one on cyber security. Usually,  OTS eLearning is generic and cannot be changed to suit the specific requirements of individual clients. However, at SkillSet, we work with our customers and tailor our material so that it is much more relevant to their learners. 

Working with Cyber4Dev, SkillSet clarified the aims, objectives and needs of the intended audience. We then individualised the course with custom scenarios and Cyber4Dev branding.

We also developed two quiz-style assessments: one taken at the start and one at the end of the course. The initial quiz allowed Cyber4Dev to measure learners’ current levels of understanding and identify potential knowledge gaps. The second assessment enables Cyber4Dev to report on the progression of learners after completing the course.

SkillSet implemented a Moodle learning management system to host the new learning content. This was installed in a secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment in the UK. AWS hosting is secure and meets the requirements of  our ISO27001 processes.

The Moodle system was customised to match Cyber4Dev’s branding and configured to support their accessibility requirements. Learners are able to access the learning content from a range of devices, reducing barriers to learning. Progress is controlled, ensuring learners complete pre-learning assessments, eLearning, and post-learning assessments in the correct order.

SkillSet then implemented the translation of both the training and the platform into Spanish. We also provide on-going support for the platform, including first-line support, in Spanish.

Regular progress reports are supplied to ensure the success of the project is tracked.


To date, over 36,000 users across Latin America have completed the training. On average, users scored 68% on the initial assessment (prior to completing the training), increasing to 91% on the post-training assessment. 

Due to the success of the project, the contract with Skillset has already been extended for a further two years.


“The functionality and flexibility of the SkillSet platform has allowed us to reach a huge range of users. The feedback we’ve received has been great.”

Jo English, Cyber4Dev