Instructor-Led Learning

gives your training the personal touch

There’s nothing quite like delivering training face to face - socially distanced of course! It is proven that teams respond well to this style of learning, and the long-term benefits to your business will be tangible.

Instructor-led learning enables learners to work together to gain knowledge. Trainers use a variety of techniques to enhance the learning experience, such as role-playing, exercises and games.

Teams may also learn better with instructor-led training because they can share ideas, work in groups, and debate with their peers. It’s also useful for bonding, team building, and team problem solving.

All of this means that instructor-led training can have greater long-term benefits than one-to-one or online training.

Instructor-Led Learning

Why should you outsource your training to SkillSet?

Our experience

SkillSet understands it isn’t always easy to set up an instructor-led learning programme – there are many details that need to be attended to, and our clients often don’t know where to start.

For example, how do you ensure that each session is productive and doesn’t waste people’s time? And what is the best way of setting up this type of instructor-led learning? SkillSet have got all this covered, and more.

We’re collaborative

SkillSet will work closely with your team to determine the best blended learning fit for your training requirements. Every customer is different – one size does not fit all.

We begin by defining your learning objectives. What do the learners need to be able to do by the end of each session? And what skills do you want them to master by the end of the training programme?

We then design and develop the learning experience around your objectives, creating the best blend of learning for your organisation.

Our blended approach

Even in the current environment, facilitated learning is valuable, especially as part of a blended approach.

Blended learning is the effective combination of online learning and classroom learning – for example, exercises, group discussion, self-study, eLearning, all facilitated by an instructor. The learning is varied and fun, helping the information to be absorbed effectively.

Find out more about bespoke eLearning that can support a blended approach.

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Instructor-led learning was the perfect solution for these clients:


SkillSet helped to design, develop, and deliver the institute’s global training offering to support LivePerson’s LiveEngage customer service messaging platform. This included a suite of courses covering both the mindset and behaviour changes needed, as well as required system knowledge.



SkillSet delivered BP’s induction programme to new customer service department staff and provided ad-hoc soft skills training. SkillSet has worked with BP since 1992.